RED Day 2021

MAY 13, 2021

RED Day 2021 Presented By the KW Boston Northwest Cultural Committee!

If you have any questions please reach out to the Cultural Committee chairs Laurie Williamson or Kristin Hilberg.

Cultural Committee Members: Laurie Williamson, Kristin Hilberg, Curtis Blomberg, Ann Boucher, Michele Lehan, Pam Nichols, Ann Shaw, Helen Lukash, Carrie McElwee, Ashley Coffey

Every second Thursday of May, Keller Williams agents, leadership members, and associates step away from daily business duties, proudly donning their red KW gear, and venturing into the communities they serve with three goals in mind: renew, energize, donate.

Widely known as RED Day, this annual day of service took shape in May 2009 in celebration of Keller Williams vice chairman Mo Anderson’s birthday. Twelve years later, it continues to grow in momentum as the Keller Williams family unites under a shared commitment to philanthropy. This year’s RED Day will take place on May 13. 

RED Day 2021 is HERE and below is the complete Boston Northwest toolkit you need to reach out to your farm and sphere to ask for their support!

Food is life’s most basic necessity. It is our mission to support local organizations working to wipe out hunger. Today, more than ever, there is an overwhelming need in our communities. Each year during RED Day KW Boston Northwests works to replenish and help stock the food pantries in our service areas.

**All food needs to be brought to KW Concord or KW Lexington on May 13. We plan to separate the donations by pantry.


Use these fliers for print, eblasts, door knocking and more! Click the buttons below to view and then download the document. The flyer is 8.5×11 and there is a version for each town with their specific needs or a general one that can be used.


Use the social media images to share to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and More. These images are 5×5 and will work across all platforms. Click the buttons below to view and then download the document.


Click the button below to download a document with all the Scripts for RED Day! Scripts for emails, phone calls, texts and social media are included.


If you would like to drop off an empty grocery bag to anyone from your farm or sphere, Michele Lehan has ordered blank grocery bags that she can customize using a sticker with your logo on it. These are available in packs of 20 for $5. Please reach out to Michele as soon as possible if you would like some of these.


Click the link below for all the info the KW has on RED Day!