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Ian McGovern



Ian’s Recent Sales

66 Robbins Street, Acton

Sold for $1,470,417.08

*New Construction

3 Genevieve Lane, Acton

Sold for $1,425,000

*New Construction

5 Genevieve Lane, Acton

Sold for $1,400,000

*New Construction

159 Taylor Farm Road, Boxborough

Sold for $1,329,488

*New Construction

114 Newtown Road, Acton

Sold for $1,215,000

27 Greystone Lane, Hopkinton

Sold for $1,156,000

14 Balsam Circle, Westford

Sold for $931,077

*New Construction

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What People Say About Ian

“I have been a real estate developer in the Acton area since 1988. Ian has always done an excellent job marketing my new construction projects. He has been very effective at selling custom homes and is great at showcasing my vision of what the homes will look like when completed. He has always provided the buyers with exceptional customer service during the entire process from listing through closing.”


“Working with Ian McGovern for our home buying journey has been an absolute pleasure. He is a thorough professional and his diligent approach made our home purchase very smooth. He has great knowledge about the Greater Boston area such as new development, school systems, local and state laws.

When searching for our home, Ian would give us helpful insights into what would or wouldn’t work in a house. He would listen and understand what we were looking for. Since we were new in the home market, we weren’t very sure of what we would like or not. He would help us better realize what we were looking for. We had a strict budget in this volatile market and Ian was always confident that we would find something in that budget. Not once did he push us to try and go beyond our budget if we weren’t comfortable with it.

Eventually, when we did find a house we liked, Ian was efficient in following up with the seller’s agent to the point of making sure every bit of paperwork was in order for both parties. He handled any small hiccups we had and made sure everything got done in time. We highly recommend trusting Ian with your home buying process.”


“Ian is professional, knowledgeable, straightforward, responsive to all forms of communication in a very timely manner, diligent, positive, and fights for you during all phases of the house buying and selling process.

I’ve been very fortunate to buy a house through Ian. He kept in touch with me for over 4 years as my plans and budget have shifted greatly. He did not show any frustration when I’d look for houses and then stop for upwards of a year. It was very easy to start looking for homes again with new criteria.

Ian has great home buying strategies and can make impactful suggestions that can turn a series of rejected offers around and into an accepted offer.”


“Ian was great! In past 6 months he worked very hard to help us with purchasing a house and selling a house. He made sure every single step was moving into right directions. He went above and beyond to accommodate our needs and requests. We just can’t think of enough good words to describe how professional, responsive, reliable, kind Ian is! Ian relies to our emails, texts and picks up our phone calls right away, you can always count on him! We are lucky to have Ian as our realtor! We thank Ian and their staging team, a group of hard working professional young people just want to make things work and done!”

Ian 真的是太好了!我们很幸运遇到了他并从买房到卖房这半年时间里有他的陪伴和帮助。不论何时何地,Ian总是秒回复,所以心里一直都很踏实。Ian做事非常严谨,交易不求快或多,而是交易的质量。特别是卖房期间,他们拉来家具把房子布置得非常漂亮,焕然一新,也不会额外收取费用,全都包括在5%的代理费内,绝对良心、靠谱的团队!Ian也很体贴,当我们遇到问题时,哪怕不是他的责任,他都会主动分担,帮助我们想办法解决问题,甚至替我们出头,真的是一个值得信赖的好人!”


“Ian is a kind, responsive, and honest man who knows the market very well. He helped us buy our first house, and we can’t thank him enough for his patience, advice, and support during this journey. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house specially in this tough market. Thank you so much Ian!”


“1. Responsive. This is the most important quality we’re expecting from an agent. And we really like and appreciate his speed of responsiveness. He replied to our text/phone calls/emails within 5 min even in late night (like 24 x 7 support lol). If you want to visit a house before the open house day, or if you have a question that really needs immediate answers (otherwise you cannot fall asleep lol), speed is absolutely critical!

2. Professional.
1) Attention to details. Although we could look at the MLS listing online, Ian always brings the hard copies for us when touring the houses. This seems to be trivial but really shows his professionalism – well preparation and care for his clients.
2) Strategy. Ian gave his very fair and reasonable advice on the purchase offer price. He never pushed us to offer a price that we don’t feel comfortable with.

3. Great connection.
1) Loan. We met Ian when he was a seller agent in Action. We just started visiting open house at that time and had very little knowledge of the house purchase process. We asked for his recommendation for lenders, etc. And he did send the list immediately that night – very impressive ! The most exciting thing is that Wells Fargo is on the list – which is our target too (we still feel the big banks are more reliable than small lenders)! It was such a great and smooth process to work with his recommended loan officers – Michael and Ben! They’re also super responsive, professional and reliable too! We didn’t even shop rates from any other places which saved us a lot of time and energy (good for privacy too)! The rate is really great and unbeatable and the loan closed very quickly!! Extremely satisfied!!!!
2) Home Inspector and lawyer. We hired Ian’s recommended home inspector and lawyer without any hesitation because of the great loan experience. It turns out that they’re also very great – both professional and communicate things in very detailed and clear manners.
3) Piece of mind. Ian constantly followed up with all the parties and provided immediate updates – this also saved us a great amount of time and energy!! We just need to wait and action when required! Ian took care of everything!!

Overall, highly recommend working with Ian! No any drama or surprises! He will save you so much time and energy during the purchase of your dream house! Thanks again Ian!”